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JetQuay CIP Terminal for Traveling with Small Children and the Elderly

September 24, 2007 - SINGAPORE (JetQuay) - Whether it’s traveling to a nearby island or overseas, one thing is for sure, if you are traveling with small children and/or with the elderly, setting the stage for a comforting and relaxing trip begins with the JetQuay CIP Terminal at the Changi International Airport.

It’s all about ease of movement. Every parent knows that traveling alone requires logistics, but traveling with the responsibility of another person or persons requires planning and seamless timing. From the moment you and your family arrive at the JetQuay CIP Terminal at the Changi International Airport, your vacation begins. If you are driving a car, the family’s luggage is unloaded for you and a guest relations officer takes your passports and tickets to conduct the airline check in on your behalf, the vehicle is valet parked and may stay at the terminal free of charge for the unlimited duration of your trip and is cleaned just prior to your return.

Once in the terminal, all the amenities of a five-star hotel await you. From entertainment; like television, internet, and shopping to a restaurant and lounge; spa treatments and a gym, your family will be well taken care of without the usual hustle, while waiting for your flight. Should anyone need to rest prior to the flight; JetQuay offer hotel nap rooms and showers facilities to its guests upon request. Your family can enjoy the use of a private room. If you require your Singapore maid to assist you at the airport terminal, they may come along and tend to the family’s needs all the way up to aircraft boarding.

With all travel restrictions now a part of everyday life, JetQuay offers its travelers to arrive at the CIP terminal as early as several hours prior to flight to up to one hour prior to departure. While this may seem insignificant, consider the benefit of off-peak traveling which is ideal for families as flights are not as crowded. This usually means traveling late night or in the early hours of the morning. You may arrive at the terminal several hours in advance, put the family to bed and relax without worrying about traffic, mid-night lugging of baggage and familial temperaments. The ease of movement and seamless timing with personal check-in services, baggage handling, to clearance through the private in-house immigration desk, JetQuay is a new breed of air terminal service.

For the spouse who needs to keep working, everything the business traveler needs is available to them. From a complete business centre to conference rooms and wireless services complete with support staff. They may even consider holding their last meetings of the day at the terminal conference room with JetQuay’s state-of-the-art audio/visual amenities.

When it is finally time to board your aircraft, JetQuay will transport the entire family and your carry-on luggage via electric car directly to your jet way or tarmac depending on your requirements. You will be whisked past any queues, boarded immediately, and then you are off! Now that is the way to start off a family vacation, Grandma and Grandpa included!

Visit www.jetquay.com.sg to learn more about the terminal. Sales enquires for "per-use passage" should be directed to sales@jetquay.com.sg or telephone at +65 6513 1031.

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