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15 October, 2007 (JetQuay) SINGAPORE -- If that sounds too good to be true, you are in for a surprise. Singapore’s Changi Airport has a standalone terminal called JetQuay, a CIP Terminal, which stands for ‘commercially important person’. Once the dominion of the very rich, the privacy, excellent service and relaxed environment where the staff serve your every whim is now available for a nominal fee to those travelling on any class of any airline from Singapore’s international airport.

Tycoons who use JetQuay’s CIP terminal notice the difference. When flying in by private jet, from tarmac to their road transport takes about three minutes, as long as it takes to get passports stamped at immigration, walk through the lobby and not get distracted by the contemporary Chinese art on the walls.

As for the rest of us, “I thought the swift passport control, personal service and lounge with all the facilities were outstanding”, remarked Mark Ellwood, Managing Director of Robert Walters.

While in transit, travellers have latitude to use the lounge, business centre, nap room and meeting room facilities. In fact the CIP terminal is the only place in any airport worldwide where a passenger in transit can meet with local visitors. Technically the passenger passes through immigration but it is done in a blink of an eye and is hardly noticeable.

Passengers who use the ‘Quayside’ service are transported by electric buggy between the CIP terminal and the flight gate of arrival or departure. “I have traveled seven out of the past twelve months,” says Bonnie Bukheister, CEO of Buckheister Management, “but I have never had the VIP treatment that JetQuay provided on that ride alone from the gate to customs. It was heaven”.

The terminal goes one step further and allows organisations to host their press conferences, meetings, or product/service launches at the venue. Although designed for a maximum of nineteen passengers at any one time, the terminal is very spacious and beautifully appointed and can easily accommodate a couple of hundred people for a function. But when it comes to travel, JetQuay is serious about no queues or hassle and therefore has set a limit on the number of passengers who use the terminal.

“Once we had to do a presentation to the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company at the airport. I wish I had known about JetQuay because in the end I had to meet the client at a fast food joint”, said the Vice President of Sales for a casino-resort.

Food and beverages are tailored to your personal tastes and made on demand from a wide selection of options.

Families are welcome. “This place is perfect for travelling with children”, says Munni Vijayan, mother of a very active toddler and a consultant to the likes of IBM and ABN Amro. “The private meeting rooms and nap room mean that I can let my daughter play without fretting or put her to sleep before a late flight. The assistance from terminal staff with the use of the buggy and luggage, prams etc is such a relief on arrival after a long flight”.

To use JetQuay’s services, please visit www.jetquay.com.sg. Wholesale pricing is available for travel arrangers and soon you will be able to book your passage online.

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