JetQuay Digital System

JetQuay has a thorough JetQuay Digital Solutions [JDS system] for making service requests and billing. It connects the JetQuay app, website reservation portal, back-end operating systems, accounting systems, services deployment system and BI data analytics.

The JetQuay app is part of JetQuay’s service innovation efforts, aimed at improving the overall passenger experience from the point of booking till the actual service delivery.

Accessible anytime for services

The JetQuay App, launched in 2021, has introduced a new way for passengers to book services efficiently. The passengers can book different kinds of services through the app or website reservation portal with easy navigation. And they can make payments via credit card or Paynow without hassle

All services just a click away

Passengers can view the booking status and payment status using the app at any point of time. There is a chat function where passengers can get in contact with the reservations and operations team should they have any questions.

Real time information always at hand

Six hours prior to service, the passenger will be able to view the Guest Relations Officer (GRO) assigned to the flight. The assigned GRO can be easily contactable with the JetQuay app. The service completion status is updated live, for prompt review by the backend team. This ensures that there is no discrepancy in the services we deliver to our passengers.